Lean Thinking & Workflow Automation – Business Improvement Guaranteed!

Today, we are living in a world where everything is connected.  Globalization and digital economy are a reality.  On the one hand, business opportunities are skyrocketing. On the other hand, new challenges are emerging too.  You were successful in the past.  But, that does not guarantee that you are going to be successful forever.  Market is changing.  Environment is changing.  New competition is emerging.  I believe that, now, the time is ripe to revisit your business processes and look for ways and means to improve them to continue your business success.

Over a period of time, anything which is working will have tear and wear.  It’s true even in the case of our own human body.  Our once fit body will start weakening as  time goes by.  It is also true in the case of any business. A once successful business can, with the passage of time, become less successful or even a complete failure.  Change is the essence of life.  This is true in the case of business too.  We need to have a constant watch on our business processes and its value addition to the customers.

When you revisit your business processes, you can find lot of non-value added steps or actions.  Many of them do not provide any value to the customers.  They do that just because that’s what they have been doing for a long time.  Human activities like these that do not add any customer value are called ‘muda’, a Japanese word meaning waste.

Lean Thinking is the remedy for ‘muda’.  Do more with less.  In the Lean thinking approach, you need to specify value for everything that you are doing.  If there is a human activity or process step which is not adding any value to the end customer, it needs to be eliminated.  It can be the movement of an item, a purchase or stock decision, an action taken by the worker or a step in the pre-sales or sales process. Any process is not adding any value has to be removed.  And this is not a one-time effort.  It has to be practised continuously.

Workflow Automation provides a great opportunity to revisit the existing processes – an opportunity that allows reassessing the existing processes and finding out the hidden ‘muda’.  With workflow automation, we can now find the right value added process steps, arrange them in the right sequence, thereby creating the right flow, which will result in substantial efficiency improvement.  It is an efficient business, which can respond fast to the ever-changing market demand, that will finally emerge as the winner.  Workflow automation plays a big role in producing the business process continuity.  It removes the departmental silos.  Workflow automation orchestrates the perfect sync between people, processes and systems.

Lean thinking will make the organization agile.  Agility will make the customer happy.  Workflow automation will ensure the predictability and repeatability of the business processes.  A continuous focus on customer value addition, flow and perfection will make the business successful.  

Think Lean.  Remove ‘muda’. Let your process flow with workflow automation.  Success is guaranteed.